Everything Changed with the Internet (part 1)

The days of raiding the crates for music are over. The internet has allowed many of us to discover many non-mainstream forms of music. We otherwise would have never known any better because there are few places that cater to the niche markets.

Just go to any music store in a mall and you will find just a handful of albums, usually produced by large record labels or sub-labels within them. The changes in the supply of music are allowing us to truly have a better selection. The large traditional music stores are complaining that the internet is stealing all their income, but ask yourselves this:

If our disposable income has changed little over the past couple years, and we now have more choices of media to spend our money on (videogames, DVD’s, computers, I-pods, etc) then isn’t it reasonable to argue that the declining income of the music industry giants is not as tied to piracy as it is to more competition from other media?

What about South Florida. How are we changing the way we purchase music? Ill ask some people in the industry and let you know within the next couple days.

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