'Welcome to the Jaguar House' - Illya Kuryaki Y Los Valderramas

They don't exactly qualify as traditional 'electronic' artists, but then again, I like jaguars and warm welcomes. Nobody I know began their musical journey listening to House or Trance et al.

Those of you honest enough to accept it, would say something like: 'Old McDonalds had a Farm' or begrudgingly sing the "Barney and Friends" tune.

"The purpose of this blog
is to find purpose in music."

Maybe some beatnik types had cool parents and listened to the Beatles or Bob Dylan or Louie Armstrong, but once again, I insist that most of us heard nursery rhymes for most of our early childhood. Just admit it.

I digress. The purpose of this blog is to find purpose in music. What kind of genres, record labels, artists, DJs, clubs, sites, blogs will I write about? Sit back, stay tuned to the groove of an ideology that 'some scientists say' might be the missing link in our evolution and the solution to our impending extinction.

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