The Hunting Season Begins

What does it take to get a gig?

Skills, Talent, Connections, Timing, and Perseverance.

The Internet has given us so many new ways of getting the word out, although just jumping in head on will cause a headache or twenty.

I can't say I am trying too hard to get some gigs (I have school and work to deal with first). However I have noticed helpful tips like:
  • getting involved with an organization (concert promoters, bus-boy at the local nightclub, etc)
  • hanging with the right people (find DJs who have been around for a while and you will learn by leaps and bounds)
  • staying away from the wrong people (some people care little for your love of music and just want to get high and wasted. It is fun being a designated driver, but being the designated loser for wasting your time with idiots?)
  • spending ridiculous amounts of time raiding the crates, whether that is visiting the local thrift store for some hidden treasure, or clicking your finger away in blogs, music sites, radio streams, p2p programs
  • spamming anyone who cares to listen with all the demos they dare to take home
  • and most importantly developing a style that's your own, a collage of influences taking you in many directions

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