RIAA Petitions Judges to Lower Artist Royalties

There are times when yours truly loses it. When 'respectable' news organizations such as CNN and the New York Times lose their objectivity to bottom lines you wonder if the people will ever know the other side.

Here are the links to the story and its repostings
original: The Hollywood Reporter

...among many, many others...

On CNN for example, when you search for "file sharing, all you see is "File Sharing going to the Supreme Court", "Music Companies Take Crackdown to Campuses", always one sided in the interests of big business.

Here is the final broken straw in my quest to understand whether piracy affects media industry as much as we are told it does. This story's headline, you will never see it on a major news site.

The RIAA is so confident in their resources and models that they have the gall to play both sides (the consumer and musician) against each other for their own special interests, making more money for the owners of the Big Labels.

Before jumping to the conclusion that I'm just mad about people getting rich read this: look at how the music revenue is distributed, and then you will realize how much of a bureaucracy the arts have become. The RIAA is doing nothing to help the artist or the consumer. Online Piracy seems like human nature's way of leveling the playing field.

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