Vinyl-Mp3 coming to a Turntable Near You

Wired has an interesting article about new ideas that appease the needs of today's multimedia consumers. A U.K. based record label, First World Records, releasing LPs with mp3 codes with links so "buyers can download an unprotected, 320Kbps MP3 version of the music, to use however they like."

My favorite quote of the article comes from First Word co-founder Aly Gillani. He refers to Digital Rights Management encripted content:

"Making a legal, paid-for version
of the file less useful than a copied
or pirated one doesn't make sense."

Saddle Creek also puts out records with mp3 codes.

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Professor Howdy said...

I guess next there will bring
back 45s & 33 1/3s...

Prof Howdy

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