The Weekly Chart ending May 6th

This week's chart was relatively incomplete since I was out on a post-finals mini-vacation cheking out a piano concerto my Uncle was playing in Tupelo, Mississippi. During my stay I was tuned on to some classical music and performers, especially my new favorite Cecile Licad, truly a piano genius.

It was a great experience zooming out of the music I work with and getting into something quite different. Music transcends boundaries and an open mind has all the passport and visa requirements needed to travel wherever the music takes you.

Back to the playlist, I find prose more fitting than writing up a simple list with links today. It was my finals week and I had no time for exploring new sounds. I went back to basics with some albums that had collected some dust over the past year.

"I was in the mood for some smooth
psychedelic chilled out music,
so I dropped a couple albums in the blender
and made myself
a yummy smoothie."

Some of the ingredients included Digital Mystery Tour, Bonobo, Tripswitch, Mac Mavis, Kumba Mela, and Eat Static. Spicy and from many different countries, this mix gave me some delicious dreams of escaping finals into a cotton candy cloud of naïve happiness.

Between chilled dreams I had periods of rebellion and angst, as seen with Fela Kuti and Peaches tracks, not related at all, yet carrying a strong sense of discomfort from conformity.

And finally, Infected Mushroom gained some ground only to piss me off that they, in my humble opinion, have sold out to greener pesture$. Why couldn't they preserve their Infected sound and use their new image with a new name? More power to them I say with a tear.

And that's this week's chart rant.

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