The Future of Music & Copyright

Ars Technica is and continues to be my favorite tech timesink. The music industry is wising up and talking real solutions. From the article, "Debating copyright reform: time for compulsory licenses?"

"Imagine a world where you could legally acquire and listen to as much music as you want for a flat fee. How you got the music—iTunes, Rhapsody, Usenet—and where you listened to it wouldn't matter. Your monthly license would give you carte blanche to snarf up as much music as you like. "

I would like this very much. If the system could be designed to keep track of every play and the audience and have proper royalty distribution with a market driven price, then I would be in heaven. something like last.fm meets soundscan :P

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Professor Howdy said...

I like that idea also...

(Do you think they would have
any music I liked?)

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