The Irate Flashbulb Pirate

IDM / Breakcore musician The Flashbulb, a.k.a. Benn Lee Jordan, speaks out against major digital distributor Itunes for selling his music without paying him a dime in compensation.

Jordan turns to Bittorrent as an alternative form of distribution following along the lines of the non-conformist footsteps of superstars Radiohead (although the concept was born long before R. did so last year). The "Buy it if you like it!" model is picking up steam and several artists across the genre board are finding this alternative quite viable.

Here are two of my favorite quotes from the Torrent Freak Q&A session with The Flashbulb.

"...So, my new album currently has 6381 downloads at the time of this interview on what.cd alone. Using that deceitful equation, my losses are over $100,000. If I wanted to, I could subtract those losses from my profit and completely get out of paying any income taxes. It makes sense from an evil, corporate, criminal-minded standpoint, right?"

"...The thing RIAA is scared of is that their billion dollar backbone can no longer shelter people from exploring music themselves. Their business plan had evolved into telling the world what they will want to listen to and buy, and now they’ll have to actually compete with talented artists again..."

Keep on Keeping on Mr. The Flashbulb.

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