Free Tickets UMF Ultra Music Festival 10 Miami

Yes. Fellow beatmongers, I am almost ready to roll out the ticket giveaway for the Ultra Music Festival 10 this year at Owl Radio. Please be patient, several free tickets are coming. Stay tuned. Information on when these will be given away will be posted this week. Spread the word, goodies shall be spilled!

For now, here are some clips of past UMF experiences:

What not to do

Dancers get in Free

Fatboy Slim kicking it

The Cure. Electronic music and New Wave, Post-Punk, Rock are mixing encouraging an atmosphere of tolerance many tastes.

Add it all up and you have more than 50,000 people throughout the many stages.

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adam said...

I want free tickets so bad! I live for this stuff. How do I get tickets? I am really low on cash at the moment.

im just leaving my email because I hope to god some miracle will happen.


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