Filitico joins Podomatic

Greetings Earthlings. We have now taken over the radio. From now on I will be posting mixes on Podomatic. We shall see how this endeavour turns out. Enjoy!

This week's MIX: Filitico: Digitigrade 1 @ Owl Radio

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1. Taras Van De Voorde - Silicon [Octopus]
2. Piemont - Glycerin [My Best Friend]
3. Len Faki - Rainbow Delta [Ostgut Tonträger]
4. Lucio & Pep - Valentina (Rumania) [Elektrotribe]
5. Lützenkirchen - Music for the Girls (Deep Groove Rmx) [Great Stuff]
6. Anna - I have to Leave This World [Autist]
7. Lucio & Pep - A Torre [Regular]
8. John Dahlbäck - Sting [Paradise]
9. Christian Paduraru - Minimal perspective (Hernan Paredes remic) [BIT Recoreds Mexico]
10. Kollectiv Turmstrasse - Verrückte Welt [No Response]
11.Robert Babicz - Pingpong in Moonlight [Audiomatique]

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