Border Community

To put James Holden & co. in words is to undertake a massive quest of genre gerrymandering. Some call his music 'progressive', others say 'minimal'. Is it trance? house?

  • Founder: James Holden(2003)
  • Location: London
  • Genre: from their Website, "Border Community is about dance music that doesnt fit in a category, and about providing djs with the tools to innovate."
  • Label Relations: Indie label
  • Discography:
  • Official Webpage:
  • Myspace: n/a
  • Artists releasing on B.C.: James Holden, Petter, Nathan Fake, Avus, Fairmont, Extrawelt, Dextro, The MFA and Lazy Fat People

Online Shops:

  • 3beat (does B.C.'s label management and has an online shop)
  • Amato (does their distribution and also has a shop)
  • Juno (one of the most respected online electronic music shops)

The following samples are almost criminal to play. The only justice here would include 30,000+ Watts.

@ # $ %

Is it possible to sit back and bob your head at the same time? These guys need to visit South Florida more often.

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