Psynews caters to psychedelic electronic music reviews. Several bloggers from around the world describe these pictoresque soundscapes in great detail. Some of the more interesting people here include abasio, pr0fane, DeathPosture, RAH, among others.

Many trainspotters turn to this site looking for gems to decorate their collections. I have met many DJs, artists, and label 'executives' through this site, but most of all, I love most of the reviews.

The music making section is quite informative from a ground-up standpoint, and discussions about equipment and engineering techniques come daily. However, I feel that the parties & travel section is too underdeveloped to the point of being useless.

I have noticed that traffic in this site has dwindled the past year. I attribute this to a scene that is in a recession now. Dark Psy was huge for some time, but now the artists and DJs are moving in a new direction. Hopefully it will go back to the warm analog Goa Trance, but wishful thinking gets me nowhere.

Note that although this is an internet medium, the notion of downloading music while disregarding copyright laws is heavily frowned upon. Swearing exists, but directly assaulting other users is prohibited.

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