Owl Radio

Florida Atlantic University has a student-run radio station featuring several EDM DJs among their freeform lineup. Owl Radio has been around for over a decade with many generations of up-and-coming DJs that have played several clubs in the area and abroad.

So far, I have heard progressive house and trance, electro house, goa trance, dark psy, vocal dance, minimal techno, and several more styles. Several guest DJs stop by once in a while to throw down their two cents on the one-twos. Shows are one to two hours long and giveaways are abundant.

The staff works part time and comes from all walks of musical life, rockers, hippies, and everything in between. Owl Radio serves as a beacon of freeform radio against the murky, dull, predictable, mainstream stations on your FM tuner. Now only online, but soon coming to some speakers near you.

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