So Many Parties, So Little Time: the Dilemma

Who has the time to drive around the city looking for a good party? Trainspotters. The rest of us depend on these people to filter out the garbage from the treasure. The objective of these people or organizations is to obtain information about music, similar to how a stock broker observes the market.

Partying is not an unfamiliar concept to the South Floridian. Miami is very well known the world over with its gorgeous sub-tropical settings, cosmopolitan cuisine, and headliner performances. Electronic music is not the exception.

So many parties, so little time: the dilemma. Look in places where trainspotters work. The first and simple location is The Miami Herald events calendar. However, dance music enthusiasts might have a hard time finding what they want within the limits of their short attention spans, yours truly included.

This brings us to the daily updated listings of CoolJunkie catering to a class of yuppie-esque city types. Fasion, dance, alternative rock, you name it, they probably have something interesting you can attend.

Trainspotters have a credit system with their audience. If they deliver good quality information, they therefore have good credit. If not, their effectiveness and livelyhood will be at stake.

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