FiliTico Owl Radio mix -el otro soy yo- minimal & electro

I welcome 2007 with this mix at FAU's own Owl Radio. I took it nice and easy and grooved to a combination of minimal house and electro.

(format: track # - artist - song [record label]

01 Dapayk and Midnight - Emergency [Fenou] {LISTEN}
02 Ezekiel Honig - More Human Than Human (soultek's got too much soul mix) [Microcosm Music] {LISTEN} {BUY}
03 Gui Boratto - Arquipelago [K2] {LISTEN} {BUY}
04 Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Liaison [No Response] {DOWNLOAD}
05 Pan-Pot - P.O. Box-mpx [Mobilee] {LISTEN} {BUY}
06 Frank Martiniq - Knicker Bockers [Boxer] {LISTEN&BUY}
07 John Tejada - Unit b1656 [Plug Research] {LISTEN} {BUY}
08 Gui Boratto - Symmetria [K2] {LISTEN} {BUY}
09 Eyerer and Chopstick - Get Alive [Great Stuff] {LISTEN} {BUY}
10 Herbert - The Soft Pink Truth - Promo funk [Soundslike] {LISTEN} {BUY}
11 Paradroid - Faked Moon landingL(fym remix) [Force INC] {LISTEN} {BUY}
12 Daisy Daisy - Michelle Plays Ping Pong (vicarious bliss match point mix) [Sunday Best Recordings] {LISTEN} {BUY}
13 Bruno Pronsato - Means Love (psb mix) [Orac] {LISTEN} {BUY}
14 Cirez D - Knockout Sebastian Leger Remix [Mouseville] {LISTEN} {BUY}

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