We were soaked for hours warming up eating shishkebabs and dancing. Many walks of life united under the swaying palm trees and water blankets. Ultra Music Festival was a fierce two-day storm.

The powerful speakers were felt over a mile away and many happy people were dancing, eating, drinking, screaming, thrashing, dreaming, and most of all, smiling. We don't get many electronic festivals in South Florida. The hunger for more was there with many people going to after-parties at the many venues scattered throughout Miami.

"I felt like a raindeer in an eight lane
rainy muddy highway,
lights all around me,
fast paced traffic
dodging my welcoming gaze."

There was trash and mud everywhere resembling humanity's over-consumption taking tolls on the environment. Thankfully though, I imagine large crews did the cleanup on Sunday. South Florida is far from "leaving no trace behind."

There were tents with different themes, the House Arena, Amnesia Ibiza, the Eco-Village, Contagious Musiq, and of course the Main Stage. The big shots played for thousands, and the niche genres got their piece of the pie as well.

Some complained it was too crowded. Others wanted the festival to last a week. I think two days is more than enough given that there are so many other things going on.

Bottom line: I can't wait for the next one!

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