Filitico Owl Radio mix --el otro soy yo-- April 3 part 1 progressive trance

Again, I should have all these mixes posted online soon. Harmonic mixing is working well, in my humble opinion. This mix was another experiment as I continue to develop my style. Mixes run at Owl Radio on Tuesdays 2-4 p.m.

Tracklist: (format: track # - artist - song [record label]

01. Eat Static - heno-phonic [Solstice Music International]
02. Jex vs. Lito - hot day [Solarsiv]
03. Ticon - we are the mammuth hunters (live mix 2005) [Moonflower Productions]
04. Vibrasphere - funk the trunk [Dragonfly]
05. Vibrasphere - sudden comfort [Digital Structures]
06. Sun control species - pedestrian [Bio-sine]
07. Human Blue - street pilot [Spiral Trax]
08. Vibrasphere - reservoir [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
09. Symphonix - rainy days [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
10. Vibrasphere - sweet september [Digital Structures]
11. Frogacult - all seasons (freqs third rmx) [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
12. Phony Orphants - monkey business [Tribal Vision]
13. Tegma - davids song [Tribal Vision]
14. Ryan Halifax - clouds in my coffee [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
15. Brisker and Magitman - single shot [Tribal Vision]

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