Filitico Owl Radio mix --el otro soy yo-- April 3 part 2 psy trance

This is the second part of my weekly mix at FAU's radio station. I'm glad I managed to squeeze both in for this week's radio show Tuesday's 2-4 p.m. at Owl Radio.

After the show I realized how much Yellow Sunshine Explosion dominated the mix. It's a great record label featuring some of the best progressive psychedelic trance in the world.

Tracklist: (format: track # - artist - song [record label]

01. Tetrameth - psychological pyrotechnics [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] {LISTEN} {BUY}
02. Terraformers - red planet [Tip.World] {LISTEN} {BUY}
03. Chromosome vs. Endorian - midnight express [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] {LISTEN} {BUY}
04. Shift - dont you know (lemurians remix) [Shiva Space Technology] {LISTEN} {BUY}
05. Tetrameth - alien rape table [Bio-sine] {LISTEN} {BUY}
06. Magoon - p.a.m. [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] {LISTEN} {BUY}
07. Pop Stream - snap crackle pop [Alchemy] {LISTEN} {BUY}
08. Chromosome - genetic superstar [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] {LISTEN} {BUY}
09. Genetic Spin - magic woods [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] {LISTEN} {BUY}
10. Akanoid - post dubby [Edition Popfloor] {LISTEN} {BUY}
11 . Analog Pussy - Future (Indica Rmx) [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] {LISTEN} {BUY}
12. Soul Surfer - border line [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] {LISTEN} {BUY}
13. Triptych - two ears and one mouth [Groove Zone] {LISTEN} {BUY}

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